Orange Flacks Can’t Vote; No, Yes They Can!


(yup, still available on WireImage)

After dutifully (some areas of the PR beat are just, dutiful) reading Gawker’s items about flackstress/felloness Lizzie Grubman’s inability to vote, or not, we logged in to and briefly became excited by not seeing that sun-scorched images of her from last summer. We thought maybe she had them removed. Alas, you’ll find three if you scroll.

Sigh. She’s taught the business two things about the persistent nature of media. One, don’t do anything to get on the Smoking Gun. Two, don’t walk the line if you’re orange.

Then, an epiphany upon reading the deliciously baked poetry of commenter BettyCrocker: Is Gawker’s traffic mostly from addicted supercommenters? Betty commented 19 times yesterday, and 19 times the day before. Damn, we really need comments back on PRNewser.

BettyCrocker’s delightful poem about Ms. Grubman is after the jump:

She who sells BS for cash,
Dared call a working man “white trash”.
Then, just when we thought it over,
Mowed down a crowd in her Range Rover.
Now, she orangely emotes
And weeps because she cannot vote.
Will Hamptons and The City be
Freed from her doucheosity?
For tho’ her hair doth match her teeth,
I fear her flashing what’s beneath.