Rich Mirman: Newspaper Publisher and Paperboy

2010_The_Orange_County_Register-logoUsually, it goes in the other direction. A teenager starts out delivering newspapers and then, many years later, can point to having ascended through the ranks of the publication to EIC or publisher.

But the Orange County Register, thanks to the actions of Aaron Kushner, is no ordinary newspaper. From Gustavo Arellano’s feature interview report in OC Weekly:

[Newly hired publisher Rich] Mirman arrived at the Register’s printing plant his first weekend on the job at 2 a.m., folding papers alongside his wife. After stacking hundreds of papers into a car, he and another Register worker drove to Huntington Beach at 3:30, with Mirman tossing papers out of the passenger window.

Once the sun rose, the 48-year-old began knocking on doors and personally delivering the paper, apologizing to startled subscribers for any delays. “I didn’t do it for publicity,” says Mirman. “But I thought everyone should pitch in. I couldn’t ask other [Register employees] to do it without me being the first one out there.”

In talking about the background of Mirman, Arellano gives a nice shout-out to a book written by then-Wall Street Journal hotels and leisure beat reporter Christina Binkley (now the paper’s Style columnist). While Mirman has been tasked with righting the Register ship, the publisher ranks of crosstown rival (and former delivery partner) the Los Angeles Times have also coincidentally been shuffled. Austin Beutner took over recently as publisher and this week announced that in January, Nicco Mele will be joining the Tribune publication as deputy publisher.

In the LAT announcement, there was no indication that Mele will have to deliver newspapers. On the other hand, according to Arellano, Mirman will be back at that end of things this weekend.

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