Orange County Register’s Gary Lycan Battling Cancer

Orange County Register media reporter Gary Lycan went public with his battle with advanced prostate cancer in his most recent column. He gave a nice shout-out to the team treating him at St. Joseph Cancer Pavillion in Orange and told of an interesting run-in he had while getting treatment.

I want to give a high-five this week to a reader, Joyce Lawson, whom I met this past week at the Medical Oncology Care Associates in the St. Joseph Cancer Pavillion in Orange. Lawson is one of a large staff of amazing caregivers there who assist patients like me.

I am being treated there for anemia and advanced prostate cancer by the remarkable team of Dr. Sam Huang. I’m getting blood infusions and chemotherapy and at this writing everything is going well.

But back to Lawson, a remarkably upbeat, positive woman who has been with Dr. Huang since 1998. When she heard my name, she looked and said “I recognize you.” When I asked her last name and she said “Lawson,” I entered a time tunnel back to 1962-63 when both of us were at Santa Ana High School.

“You wrote all about me,” she reminded me, and, indeed, I had. She was a rising track star and I profiled her for our high school paper The Generator.

Fast forward 50 years and we re-connected. It reminded me the state of wellness depends not only on good medicine, but wonderful people who touch your lives through all these years. Thank you, Joyce.

Nice story.

Here’s hoping for a swift treatment and recovery.