From Across the Pond, The Guardian Applauds Orange County Register

Rory Carroll, US west coast correspondent for The Guardian, recently spent some time down in Santa Ana, CA at the offices of the print media industry-defying Orange County Register. The resulting piece has now been published under the headline “California Newspaper Defies Industry Wisdom To Stay Alive – And Prospers.”

Not only does the Register, since April 2013, have a hard paywall. But one employee who expresses in the article his admiration for the robustness of the paper’s print edition sideswipes in the process one of Internet’s most beloved viral animal species:

Register staff – the newsroom has doubled to 360 in the past year – exude giddy, wary optimism that their paper has a bright future. Instead of rewriting stories they are filling multiple new sections with original reporting. “Feel the weight. This has 10 sections – and on a Tuesday. If it hit your cat, you’d kill it,” said Rob Curley, deputy editor of local news.

We’re also pretty sure this is the first Register interview feature that describes Freedom Communications CEO Aaron Kushner as a “lean former college gymnast.” Regardless, with many predicting at this point pratfalls, Kushner and investment partner Eric Spitz appear instead to be confidently astride the print-Web high beam. Read Carroll’s piece here.

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