OraBrush Buys 1.1 Million “Kisses” Fans, Marketers Actively Bidding for Generic Facebook Pages

The folks at OraBrush, a company that makes tongue cleaners aimed at curing bad breath, let us know this morning that they have successfully acquired the Facebook public profile Kisses for an undisclosed sum. The seller was Dominic Holland, an entrepreneur from Australia who started the page in January.

Holland, who had been accepting bids from multiple parties, says Hershey’s (makers of “Kisses” chocolate candy) was also in the bidding. The “Kisses” page now has over 1,150,000 fans and is growing at just under 1,000 fans per day, according to PageData.

Why are brands interested in buying generic Facebook Pages like Kisses? Access to the Facebook stream. Page owners can publish content that shows up immediately in users’ home page streams, making them potentially effective (but also quite potentially spammy) marketing channels.

“Buying Kisses gives OraBrush access to a million Facebook newsfeeds. Those streams are valuable to us as we launch the OraBrush in retail stores throughout the US,” says Dr. Robert Wagstaff, OraBrush’s founder and president.

For its part, Facebook hasn’t formed an official policy on Page transactions. However, since the whole idea behind Pages was to create a vehicle for brands and businesses to have an official presence inside Facebook around which to base their marketing efforts, Facebook is likely to curtail generic public profile spam in the long run. Facebook wants Pages to be authentic channels for brands and authorized agents, leaving generic topics to Facebook Groups, which don’t have stream access.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of activity in the marketplace now. Interested buyers from brand managers at Hershey’s to pure speculators are actively feeling out the market and doing deals at a few cents per fan – and advertisers like OraBrush are bundling Facebook public profile updates with links to their commercial sites.

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