OraBrush Wins Bidding War With Hershey Over Facebook "Kisses" Page

How much would you pay for a Facebook fan? That’s a question that many are determining as they look at potential Facebook fan page acquisition opportunities. Today Orabrush, a tongue cleaning product, will announce that they’ve acquired the “Kisses” Facebook page which has over 1.15 million fans. The page was acquired from Dominic Holland who created the page back in January. While the company won’t say the exact price that the page was acquired for, fans that were acquired since the Facebook redesign are selling at a premium to old fans.

The price per fan depends on their location. One person we spoke to suggested paying up to $0.03 per user, “but if they are from Indonesia and Croatia (loads of them are), then I would say they are worth a fraction of a cent.” There is also a price differentiation between old fans and fans that have joined since the new redesign. In comparison to the price for new Twitter followers, I would say that most Facebook pages will go for a steep discount. Orabrush won the page in a bidding war against Hershey’s who is well known for their “Kisses” product. Facebook has not discussed the terms surrounding the sale of Facebook pages but the companies who bid for the page clearly were confident in the ability to retain the Kisses page.

There is no clear policy on generic Facebook pages but many large brands have been complaining about the challenge of building a branded page when there are extremely successful generic pages. One alternative is to acquire the generic versions but that will clearly spark a land grab (which already began when a href=’https://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/2007/11/facebook-pages-this-is-big/’>Facbeook first introduced pages back in November of 2007). This is most likely the beginning of a wave of page acquisitions, something that Facebook will most likely need to set a policy on quickly.

The other thing to explore is whether or not we will begin to see a surge in new monetization opportunities for Facebook public profiles. So far there have been few advertisements within public profiles but that could soon change as companies look to take advantage of large amounts of traffic being generated by pages. How much would you pay for a Facebook fan?

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