Jon Lovitz Gooses Ora TV Election Night Coverage

There was probably no stranger election panelist intro on Tuesday than the one given by Ora TV’s Larry King for comedian Jon Lovitz. The rejuvenated talk show host explained that he had just watched, the night before, a crazy Kevin CostnerElvis movie, 3000 Miles to Graceland, that features his guest getting killed.

Lovitz started out by revisiting, in very articulate fashion, the reasons for his recent (and now-infamous) “anti-Obama” rant about one-percenters supposedly not paying their fair share of taxes. The actor emphasized that in addition to a 35% federal tax rate, he is subject to a lowered but still-there capital gains tax on any stock-market reinvestment earnings.

Some 3,000 miles from White House land, Lovitz made for a much saner celebrity Obama questioner than @realDonaldTrump, revealing at one point that he debated the Electoral College in high school. Lovitz comes in above at around the 30-minute mark.

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