Optimize your site for the iPhone

Apple is on track to selling its 1 millionth iPhone which means its time for news sites to start thinking about bringing content to the handheld device. While building a site around a specific browser shouldn’t be a high priority, it couldn’t hurt to cater to the growing market of iPhone owners.

Many major sites have already been optimized for iPhone including Facebook and several media sites are jumping on the bandwagon including AltWeeklies.com and Texterity.

The iPhone is 320×480 pixels which is a third to a fourth the size of the average computer screen. iPhone users can surf any website, but the touch screen makes it harder to navigate normal websites. MacWorld explains the differences between surfing in a regular web browser vs. the iPhone and why e-commerce sites should make way for the new device. Furbo demonsrates how one line of code will optimize your site for the iPhone, but if you need more in depth help, check out Works on iPhone or Winksite.