Optimism About iPhone 4S Today After Tuesday’s Backlash

Photo: AP

Mourning the death of Steve Jobs continues. Despite or even because of that, some are predicting that the iPhone 4S will be a hit after all.

It seems long ago and far away, but it was only Tuesday when Tim Cook had his much-criticized press event to introduce the iPhone 4S, which was an upgrade to the previous iteration rather than the much-anticipated iPhone 5. Fans were angered, the stock market reacted negatively, overall, it wasn’t a good scene.

Fast-forward to today and pre-orders of those phones are starting. One analyst tells Reuters that there will be “some sentiment-related purchases.” Another says, “over the long run the products will stand on their merit.” Yesterday as we walked past the Apple store across from NYC’s Plaza Hotel, a gaggle of people were snapping photos (many with iPhones) of a memorial to Jobs. Maybe 15 feet away, a young man sat in a lawn chair, covered with a blanket, holding a sign announcing that he was on line for an iPhone.

Even with the bad reaction, the media has praised the phone for its advancements. The New Yorker says that Apple has a history of taking longed-for technology and making them accessible for everyday use. And it may have done it again with Siri.

“It’s hard to tell much from watching a rehearsed demo. But my guess is that it does work, and that it’s actually very cool,” writes Nicholas Thompson.

The Reuters story goes on to say that people will be ready for an upgrade as well. And sales will be helped along by the addition of Sprint and Japan’s KDDI carriers, the Washington Post says.

Jobs was the face of Apple and with him gone, of course people have talked about how the company would move forward. However, Apple is made up of lots of smart, thoughtful execs who aren’t Steve Jobs, but have been making high-level contributions to the company for years. And then there are the fans who have made it clear that their loyalty to Apple hasn’t gone anywhere.