Optician: Too Much Smartphone Usage Can Damage Vision

textdrive304The blue-violet light beaming from your precious smartphone can damage your eyes. Too much exposure to this particular type of light, and you can damage your vision.

That’s the latest warning from optician, Andy Hepworth, who warns users that blue “violet light is potentially hazardous to the back of your eyes.” Moreover, tests have found that blue-violet light can lead to a higher risk for macular degeneration, otherwise known of blindness.

According to a recent survey by opticians in the UK, users are spending as much as seven hours every day staring at their screens, leading to more headaches, and eventual damage to the vision. Hepworth noted that it’s “the combination of not blinking enough and bringing the device closer than you normally look at objects – it strains your eyes.”

Whether this severely affects device usage like Google Glass or Ocuclus Rift is definitely something to consider, especially if you suffer from degeneration vision.

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