15 Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion Videos On YouTube

We've compiled a list of 15 of the best optical illusion videos on YouTube, so take a seat and prepare to have your eyes play some crazy tricks on you!

There’s nothing like a good optical illusion to make you put things in perspective and remind you that things are not always as they seem.  Back in June of 2010 we put together a compilation of 8 of the best optical illusions on YouTube, but we thought it was time for an update.  Here are 15 of the best optical illusion videos to grace YouTube, so take a seat and prepare to have your eyes play some crazy tricks on you!

Incredible Shade Illusion

This is actually the video that inspired us to update our optical illusions list.  It features a crazy shade illusion and has amassed nearly 5 million views since it hit YouTube two weeks ago.


Thought that was crazy? Just wait until you see this crazy infinite waterfall!  Click here to see how it’s done.

Impossible Motion: Magnet-Like Slopes

What’s going on here?  In this video, gravity appears to go in reverse—balls roll up a slope and then stop, instead of rolling down.  But as you’ll see, your eyes are just playing tricks on you!

Amazing iPad Animations!

Static images on an iPad are brought to life, simply by passing a clear sheet with black lines over the screen.  This is an updated version of the Amazing Animated Optical Illusions video that appeared on our previous optical illusion video list.

Shocking illusion – Pretty girls turn ugly!

Here’s a video that went viral this month, garnering over 4.5 million views since it hit YouTube on July 7.  It features a bunch of women’s faces but when you look in between them as they flash through they start to look like weird distorted demon faces.  Creepy, right?

Amazing Fire Illusion!

Here’s a super cool illusion created with candles.  The way that the candles are placed on the floor makes them look like a 3D object when viewed from the right position.

Crazy Nuts Illusion!

In this illusion, a pencil is placed through the holes in two nuts.  It looks like it should be impossible, until you see that your eyes are, once again, playing tricks on you.

Crazy Cube Illusion!

Doesn’t this video make you want to go out and buy some tape and make an optical illusion on your walls?

Mind Your Step

Artist Erik Johansson created this amazing illusion at Sergels Torg in Stockholm.  Mind your step!

Shady Optical Illusion

Watch as the way you see color changes, simply by moving a pencil across a piece of paper.

Shady Optical Illusion 2: Crazy Diamonds

In this illusion, a diamond appears to change to three different shades of grey.

Funny Money Magic Trick

I actually made this video.  It’s a magic trick that is an optical illusion.  You can fold your money to make it look like the portrait on the bill is smiling and frowning.  I highly recommend learning this trick before your next date!

Face Optical Illusion

This is one of the creepiest optical illusions around…an inverted face looks out.  Yikes!

10 optical illusions in 2 minutes

This viral video from Samsung brings you ten optical illusions in two minutes.  Which illusion do you like best?

The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage

Finally, this Golden Cage music video is a journey through the world of optical illusions.  Enjoy!

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.

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