Media Critic Reacts to Rumored O Magazine Change: WHAAAAA???

OMagazineOprahHere’s how The Huffington Post’s Jack Mirkinson calibrates a report by the Post‘s Richard Johnson that Oprah Winfrey – on the heels of a perceived Oscar nominations snub for The Butler – is thinking of permanently removing herself from O magazine cover consideration:

WHAAAAA??? O magazine without Oprah on the cover? That’s like Time magazine without stories about animal minds, or The New Yorker without random covers on springtime, or Vogue without Photoshop!

How else are we going to know what Oprah looks like with an Afro wig, or drinking smoothies with Dr. Oz or posing in front of flowers and other green things?

Ha ha. Here at FishbowlNY, we’re actually fine with the idea of no more O-prah covers. But we agree with Mirkinson on the thicker mag front – it’s not quite time yet for Vogue without Photoshop. (No disrespect meant to Lena Dunham and her taller predecessors.)

Meanwhile, let’s hope the folks at Hearst have more up their sleeves than the option Johnson said has been floated. If the publication does indeed choose to “decorate big letter O’s, depending on the month,” they’re not trying hard enough.

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