Oprah, in pact with Beelzebub, trades soul to be the source of all news

People like to joke about an Oprah v. Condi presidential face-off in 2008.

Except for the big O, it would mean a vast reduction in both pay and power.

Today, again Her Unholiness is again making headlines, snaring the first broadcast interview with the newly uncrazy/never-was-crazy Dave Chapelle, who says he’s willing to come back and do his Comedy Central show if half the $50 million in DVD dough goes to black victims of Hurricane Katrina. oprahsketch.jpg180px-Beelzebub.png

Oprah’s power is almost beyond investigation: She flashes a few pictures of on-the-lam child molestators and 48 hours later, they’re doing a perp walk. She produces plays on Broadway. She uses Letterman’s couch to make peace; she uses her couch as a celebrity pommel horse. She gets Harlequin Housewives to read Faulkner and Tolstoy. She phones in on Larry King, they throw out the entire CNN schedule.

Does anyone seriously imagine the U.S. presidency as a step up?