Oprah Finally Ready to Let Others Grace O Cover

Just not right now.

O, The Oprah Magazine is celebrating its 15th year with yet another cover featuring Oprah Winfrey. While that’s not exactly surprising, here’s what is: Big O is finally ready to allow someone else to be shown on the cover.

At an event celebrating the anniversary, Winfrey told WWD, “I do not see myself on the cover for the next 15 years.” Lucy Kaylin, O’s editor, confirmed that there was already a plan for new cover stars ($1 million says Beyoncé is one of them). “It’s only human and appropriate for magazines to change it up, so she doesn’t have to be on the cover for the end of time,” Kaylin explained.

As for when, exactly, Oprah will not be seen on the cover of O? No one knows. So don’t hold your breath.