Opposing Views Recommends the Wrong Slide Show

The battle being fought by Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz is a serious one. It began with an essay in Time magazine this spring about being raped on the first day of school and has progressed to the senior now carrying around a mattress to protest the school’s handling of her case.

Opposing Views, a website based in Los Angeles that gets gargantuan Web traffic, does a good job of summarizing Sulkowicz’s campaign. But then, all is undone thanks to the following link at the bottom of the article:

Other slides in the recommended link include one showing two women passed out “Curbside” on a sidewalk and another depicting a woman face planted in the hallway of her apartment. Nice going, autobot.

Update (8:00 p.m.):
As expected, following our coverage, the offending slide show link no longer appears at the bottom of the page. Instead, there is now a promo for “22 Dads Who Put Their Own Spin on Parenting

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