Opera Mini For Android Is Official

The Opera Mini 5.1 web browser for Android is now available in the Android Market. The browser had been in beta since March, but that testing recently completed and you can now install the final version for free. The key features that set Opera Mini apart from the Android browser are:

– Opera Mini uses a proxy server to compress data before it is sent to your phone, significantly improving browser performance. The compression also has the added benefit of decreasing the amount of data sent to your phone, which could be important if your data service has a monthly maximum on the amount of data that can be transmitted to and from your phone.

– Opera Mini synchronizes bookmarks, speed dials, and search history with the Opera desktop browsers, and those bookmarks synchronize between multiple mobile devices.

The final version of Opera Mini fixes my major complaint about the beta, which is that it did not support multi-touch. I am happy with the Android browser, but I plan to give Opera Mini a trial to see whether it is better.