Opera Mini 5 beta & Opera Mobile 10 Are Good Browsers But Bad Windows Mobile App Citizens

I installed the production release of Opera Mobile 10 and the current beta of Opera Mini 5 on two Windows Mobile phones for testing. Both took a long time to start up (much longer than Internet Explorer) but provided a better browsing experience than Microsoft’s own browser. Both browsers achieve their rendering prowess from passing through Opera’s proxy servers to reformat web pages and images. That also brings into question how safe it is to use sites that require login names and passwords like social network services.

My biggest problem with Opera’s mobile browsers for Windows Mobile, however, is that neither seems to give let the user access other apps while the browser is running. It doesn’t expose Windows Mobile shell at all. I suppose the work around is to use the physical keyboard to escape out of Opera without exiting it. But, what if your phone doesn’t have a physical keyboard (like the HTC HD2)? This seems like bad app behavior to me.

Opera Mini 5, Opera Mobile 10 graduate to stable (CNET)

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