Opera Mediaworks: Android phones top iPhones in mobile ad traffic in Q4 2013


Mobile advertising company Opera Mediaworks has released its latest report on the state of mobile advertising, which measured mobile phone ad impressions for Q4 2013. The report found a 13 percent increase in new mobile devices in the US due to the holiday season, and a 22 percent increase in Europe. In addition, Android phones came out ahead of iPhones, with 35.85 percent of ad traffic compared to iPhone’s 28.72 percent.

In terms of revenue, iOS received 56 percent of revenue in Q4 2013, up from 50 percent in Q3, while Android accounted for only 32 percent. Furthermore, while Android phones may have topped iPhones in mobile ad traffic, iOS as a whole (including iPad and iPod Touch devices) beat out Android’s combined total, with 43.39 percent of traffic to Android’s 37.71 percent.

Social networking sites were the most popular app type with 34.25  percent of all global traffic, followed by music, video and media apps, which accounted for 17.7 percent of traffic. These media and entertainment apps accounted for the highest revenue as well at 20.6 percent, as mobile users utilize music and video streaming services on their phones.


“2013 was a tremendous year for mobile advertising. At agencies, mobile campaigns moved from the back burner to the front and rich media ads replaced boring banners. Many publishers found their smartphone and tablet traffic eclipse their desktop internet traffic, and a some even made more money from mobile advertising when compared to desktop,” says Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks.

By the end of 2014, Opera expects mobile advertising will make up 20 percent of all digital advertising worldwide, as countries including Brazil continue to increase their mobile usage. According to the report, Brazil’s mobile ad market is now in line with those of other countries, including Canada, Mexico and Australia. Android leads the Brazilian market, with 47.6 percent of consumers on Android devices, and only 14.9 percent using iOS.

The complete Q4 2013 State of Mobile Advertising report is available on the company’s website.