Opera Hits 200 Million Users As Africa Takes to the Web

Ever wonder who’s doing what with their web browsers where? THen you might want to check out Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report.

Each month Opera gathers data on users and then sorts it into any number of useful categories. The most recent report focuses on Africa, and it includes a clickable map which will show the top 10 site visited using the mobile versions of Opera. You’ll also see the most popular devices for each country.

This report also shows:

  • 25 out of 53 countries (47%) have international news sites as the most popular news source. Countries include Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Libya and Côte d’Ivoire. 18 of those 25 countries turn to the BBC as the most-used source.
  • The mobile web has made a comeback in Libya. In the year since the revolution, Libya has grown the most in every category of Opera Mini usage, including users, page views and data consumption.
  • Across Africa, data growth seems to outpace page-view growth. This fact suggests that Africans are browsing larger pages and most likely, using richer, more advanced websites.


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