OpenTable acquires FoodSpotting for $10 million cash

Restaurant website OpenTable has already launched the definitive mobile reservation app and now it’s acquired the food photography app FoodSpotting. According to AllThingsD, OpenTable paid $10 million in cash.

Best described as an Instagram for food lovers, FoodSpotting is a mobile social network that connects user photos with specific restaurants and locations. Since launching in 2010, the app has more than three million photos and raised just under $4 million before this acquisition.

The purchase is just OpenTable’s latest push for the mobile space. It released a strong smartphone reservation app last year and, through this month, will be offering free mobile menu websites to OpenTable restaurants through DudaMobile. OpenTable has also partnered with others such as Yelp and the travel site Gogobot.

If controversial sells, then OpenTable’s timing could hardly be better. The New York Times just ran a short feature on people taking pictures of their food in Manhattan restaurants. The reactions varied from supporting consumers to banning them from restaurants.

You can read our review of FoodSpotting here.