OpenSocial Delayed Until Next Year

OpenSocial received a ton of hype when it was announced. Rumors of an early November launch surfaced following Arrington’s announcement of Maki Maki. The announcement turned out to be only that, an announcement. Soon after, I spoke with developers that suggested would open their platform by December 5th. That hasn’t happened either. Techcrunch has pointed to a Google group about OpenSocial in which a Google employee states “This puts us into January before the API is ready to be implemented by containers, so expect some early adopters to have a public launch early 2008.”

Waiting on the Facebook platform competition to come rolling out? It’s not happening anytime soon. Even MySpace announced their platform at the Web 2.0 Sumit and there are still no applications available on the site. A number of people were suggesting that Facebook needs to watch out because Google is about to take over. It definitely doesn’t look like Google is going to succeed at making this work anytime soon.

Facebook could end up with having a close to one year lead on the competition in regards to social platforms. As Russ Whitman wrote into TechCrunch, “In our opinion the fundamental problem lies in the core value of Open Social – it’s a unique partnership between Google, Containers/Hosts, and Developers. Getting all on the same page is going to be a ton of work. The opportunity is clear, but the path to get there will be difficult for sure.”

All of the Facebook fans and developers can continue singing praise since nothing ground shaking will be occuring anytime soon.