Opening Up Design to the Masses (with the help of blogs)


An interesting story from this weekend in The Gazette up in Montreal, “The Democratization of Design,” which is all about the recent shift of making well-designed, beautiful and functional items, everything from electronics to home furnishings, more accessible to the common man (think: your iPods and your various stuffs at Target). In it, they also work in talking to some of our favorite destinations on the web, including MoCo Loco and Design*Sponge, which is really what the second part of the article is about, that blogs like theirs have made whatever this blanket term “design” means, more interesting and approachable for the masses. It’s a great read and we congratulate all included for the great treatment. Here’s some:

Not so long ago if you had modern tastes and a modest pocketbook, you were pretty much out of luck, says Paul Goldberger the Pulitzer-prize winning architecture critic who writes for The New Yorker magazine.

“But suddenly design is available to us all. It has become a mass commodity. We are witnessing an incredible phenomenon – the movement of design from the province of the elite down to if not quite mass taste, then certainly to mainstream taste.”