Opening The FBI Vault

topsecret.jpgCQ’s Jeff Stein got a chance to do what everyone in Washington wants to do: Look up what dirt the FBI has on him. He tells the results in his latest article:

“I got access to a computer at FBI headquarters this week and took the opportunity to see what they had on me. A lot, as it turned out. Up popped my name in an investigation of Scott Ritter, the former top Iraq arms inspector turned administration critic. I’d interviewed him on the telephone several times in the late 1990s. Scrolling down, I also saw a note on my 1972 membership in a group of graduate students and faculty who wrote scholarly articles against the war in Vietnam, evidently related to an investigation of Jane Fonda. There were also excerpts of articles I’d written over the years that mentioned bombings and the FBI. And there were what looked like my bank transactions, past addresses and telephone numbers.

“This was a lot more information about me than the FBI said they had when I requested my files in the late 1990s. And from my cursory peek, I could tell my files went deep.”

So who in the D.C. media has the thickest FBI file? We vote Bob Woodward. We also vote that he probably knows the contents of his own FBI file better than the FBI.