OpenID Goes for the Full Court Press

2008 is the year that OpenID is laying it on strong. They started out the year with Yahoo announcing their support and then today OpenID announced that Google, Yahoo, IBM and VeriSign will become their first corporate board members. All of this ultimately adds up to a lot of hype but provides a lot of hope for those that want to see the use of single source logins become an industry standard.

I haven’t seen this much momentum since one year ago when there was a series of OpenID announcements that made some of us begin to wonder if OpenID would finally become a widely accepted standard. Well one month later the movement lost momentum and it has taken one year to revive it. OpenID has blasted out of the gates and is running at full speed. I can’t help but be a little bit cynical though.

OpenID is definitely the best solution for having a single login for all sites but it still fails at managing your personal social graph. This is what the DataPortability Group attempts to solve and it too has received a lot of momentum since the start of the year. It appears as though 2008 could shape up to be an instrumental year in transforming the social web into a place that utilizes web standards to enable users to manage their identities.

The acceptance OpenID is simply one component that will help jump start the acceptance of standards across the social web. Do you think the movement will gain traction this year?