OpenFeint Continues Platform Growth; Expands To Support Android

openfeinticonMobile Social Gaming Network OpenFeint is broadening its horizons to now cover the Android platform. The 9,300 member developer community OpenFeint currently has for iOS devices will now be able to develop for the up and coming Android with access to the OpenFeint SDK, game discovery store, and mobile payment options. The launch set for later this summer will also host content from some leading publishers. The competition, however, is heating up as companies like Mochi Media are already working with Google to bring tons of flash games with virtual currency and leaderboards enabled to the Android platform. Despite the presence of other social gaming networks, OpenFeint is at the forefront to attract developers towards Android.

I had a chance to catch up with Eros Rasmini, VP Marketing and Developer Relations at Aurora Feint. Android devices sales are catching up strongly to iOS sales in North America with about 160,000 Android powered devices shipping daily as we covered here on social times. With an investment from Chinese online gaming company, The9, OpenFeint’s efforts to provide virtual currency, community and achievements solution to both iOS and Android-enabled devices should see fruition. In addition, the landscape is also supportive of virtual goods with Americans expected to spend over $168M on mobile virtual goods this year and OpenFeint X is set to leverage this opportunity as we recently discussed.

“Android is an evolving gaming platform that will greatly benefit from OpenFeint’s industry leading online gaming and community technologies,” said Adam Flanders, General Manager of Glu. “OpenFeint is leading the charge for game developers on Android, helping simplify and improve the game discovery and purchase process for players on the platform.”

OpenFeint’s solution for Android will allow users to discover and purchase high quality content in the OpenFeint network using the Game Spotlight discovery app which already exists for iOS devices. The cross-platform system will also incorporate Google Checkout and other leading community features in its SDK. Developers can learn more and register for the SDK here. Eros also told us that depending on the developer and the application, taking apps from iOS devices to Android can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

“OpenFeint continues to demonstrate leadership and innovation in building community technologies which drive considerable discovery and monetization for publishers,” said Jason Loia, COO of Digital Chocolate, one of the industry’s most highly-rated publishers of mobile and social games. “We are excited about their entry into the Android ecosystem and we look forward to partnering with them to bring the best gaming experience to the Android platform.”

Other leading publishers to launch content early on Android asides from Digital Chocolate include Glu Mobile, which is already seeing success on Android, Hudson Soft, Astraware and a bunch of indie studios like Distinct Dev, makers of the Moron Test, and Pik Pok, makers of Flick Kick Football. OpenFeint will continue its strong focus on iOS devices and the addition of Android will help solidify its position as one of the leading cross-platform players in the social mobile gaming space.

“The explosion in mobile online gaming is a phenomenon that affects all members of the mobile ecosystem – from OS developers and OEMs to game developers and players,” said Peter Relan, Executive Chairman of Aurora Feint. “Online games are meant to be played with all of your friends – regardless of mobile operating system. We’ve decided to expand to Android with these mobile gaming giants because all smartphone owners deserve high quality, easy to find games.”