OpenBoox eReader Firmware to Add Music Player

The Sony Reader Wifi, Nook, and Kindle aren’t the only eReaders being hacked. The Boox, a lesser known eReader developed by Onyx, also has  dedicated following who are devoted to expanding its abilities.

One thing that sets the Boox apart from most eReaders is that the stock firmware is quite feature rich, which makes improving on it a difficult task. But it looks like OpenBoox has still managed to do just that. This project is focused on improving the menus and offering you more customization options, including folder support, sort options, search, and other tweaks that the nitpicky user might appreciate. Openboox even adds the ability to use book covers as screen savers. That’s a small but pleasant addition.

The latest addition to Openboox will be a music player.  The Boox can play MP3 as background music, but the original player could use improvement, IMO. This MP3 is planned for the 0.2.0 release, which is due out in a couple months.

The Boox eReader was originally released in late 2009 with aa 6″ E-ink screen, Wifi.  Subsequent models have also been released with hardware and software updates, and can be found under  number of different brand names, including Bebook, Wolder, and Onyx.

Click on the link below for more details on Openboox and instructions on how to install it.