Open Table Experimenting With Mobile Payments for Your Dining Convenience

open tableThe best part about a meal isn’t splitting the bill – that’s why we’re really excited about Open Table’s new venture into mobile payments for real-world dining. The company already has a large monopoly on online reservations, so this is a natural step in the right direction:

Now, we’re pleased to announce that it will soon be just as easy to pay for your meal. Rather than waiting for a check or, worse yet, being late for the theater, with the new OpenTable payments feature, you will be able to tap to pay – and be on your way. OpenTable mobile payments are currently being tested by diners at select restaurants in San Francisco. Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more diners to the test program and will provide you a way to request access.

The payment system will work as an extension of the Open Table app. As long as you’ve set up a default credit card for billing, it’s as easy as sliding to pay. You won’t have to scan anything like PayPal’s payment app – but we’re curious if the app will come with many options for splitting the check by items, changing the tips amounts, or saving a file for business accounts. Overall, it should be a great relief to go to eat and not have to wait to pay. If anything, the expedited payment should help restaurants with faster turnovers.

The company is notifying customers via email for admittance into the pilot program, so if you’re a regular diner, expect a message in the near future. For lucky diners, expect to see this option at the followign San Francisco locations:


Dosa on Fillmore

Out the Door on Bush Street

Boxing Room





Café Bastille



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