Open Road Responds To HarperCollins Lawsuit

Last month HarperCollins filed a lawsuit against digital publisher Open Road after they announced plans to release an eBook edition of Julie of the Wolves claiming that they have the rights to the eBook.

Open Road signed a deal with Jean Craighead George, but HarperCollins claims a 1971 contract with George makes it theirs.

Today, Chris Davis, COO of Open Road, has responded to the case. He stated: “It appears to us that HarperCollins is trying to intimidate authors, overturn established law and grab rights that were not in existence when the contracts were signed many years ago. We are confident that we will successfully defend authors’ rights and we look forward to filing our response in court.”
Davis also says that Open Road is going to fight back. He stated: “We are planning to engage Michael J. Boni and Joanne Zack of Boni and Zack in association with Robert La Rocca of Kohn, Swift & Graf, PC, who have been at the forefront of representing authors’ rights. They prevailed in the landmark Rosetta case and represent authors in cases on behalf of a class of freelance writers against periodical publishers and electronic databases and book authors against Google.”