Open Road Releases Michael Chabon eBooks

Open Road Integrated Media has released five eBooks from bestselling author Michael Chabon. The Open Road releases include two novels The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Wonder Boys; two story collections A Model World and Werewolves in Their Youth, and an essay collection called Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing along the Borderlands.

To help promote his work, Open Road created a video with the author, which we have embedded above. In the video, Chabon says, “A great work of literature transcends a genre.”

Chabon told The Associated Press that he gets a 50/50 royalty split with Open Road, which he claimed is better than his deal with HarperCollins and Random House. He said: “I agreed to the traditional e-book royalty, which I think is criminally low, because I didn’t really have any legs to stand on. I didn’t want to get left behind in the e-book revolution…When it’s comes to royalties on a paper book, that rate (25 percent) is completely fair when you think of the expenses a publisher takes on — the delivery trucks and the factory workers and the distribution chains. But it’s not fair for them to take a roughly identical royalty for an e-book that costs them nothing to produce.”