Facebook Looks to Jumpstart App Development by Bringing Its Open Graph Roadshow Across the US

Facebook has announced it will hold  “Open Graph Technology Days” in Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Austin over the next month. Formerly known as Developer Garages, the sessions are designed to help developers learn about Open Graph, the Ticker, and Timeline so they can start building applications.

Facebook hopes that by creating a thriving community of Open Graph developers it users will gain access to a new set of applications that help them share news of their media consumption, daily activities, and purchasing habits, and more.

The Open Graph Technology Days, also branded as city-specific f8 conferences, will be held in:

Chicago – October 21 – http://fbf8chicago.eventbrite.com

New York – October 25 – http://fbf8ny.eventbrite.com

Seattle – October 27 – http://fbf8seattle.eventbrite.com

Austin – November 2 – http://fbf8austin.eventbrite.com

All of these sessions except the Chicago event are already sold out, though developers can register to join a waiting list.

At f8 in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s new goal was increasing the volume of content that people share, not growing the service’s user count. To do that, it unveiled many new opportunities for developers surrounding its Open Graph protocol.

Specifically, through Frictionless Sharing, apps can automatically publish stories about a user’s activity to the home page Ticker and add reports about activity to a user’s profile Timeline. Along with these new opportunities come many new questions from developers. By bringing f8 on the road to some of the country’s other major centers of innovation, Facebook can answer these questions in person and jumpstart app development.

Facebook has held these types of smaller developer conferences before in cities including London, New York, Taipei, and San Francisco. This time around, each Open Graph Technology Day will include:

  • a keynote talk on the value of Open Graph to developers
  • an overview of the Open Graph protocol
  • Sessions focusing on games, mobile, and the new marketing APIs
  • Q&A with the Facebook developer team
  • Office hours where developers can get one-on-one time with Facebook engineers

Currently, most of the popular Open Graph applications on the platform were developed by f8 launch partners. Through the Open Graph Technology Days, Facebook may be able to encourage the long-tail of developers to take advantage of its new viral channels and build apps its users will come back to the site to engage with.