Ooyala Reports Big Tablet Video Viewing Share. But, Nielsen’s More Focused Data Shows a Different Picture

TechCrunch summarized video watching data provided by video publishing and analytics firm Ooyala. Ooyala’s data indicates that tablets are used to watch 28% more video than desktops or smartphones. Videos views on tablets are also twice as likely as being viewed to completion (as opposed to abondoning before the video is finished) than other devices. “Longer” video is defined by Ooyala as those more than 10 minutes long. These long form videos account for 42% of the time spent watching video on tablets compared to 30% on other mobile devices (presumably smartphones) and 75% on connected devices like TVs and game consoles.

People Now Watch Videos Nearly 30 Percent Longer On Tablets Than Desktops

Among mobile devices iOS (iPhone and iPad) has the biggest share in terms of percentage of video plays (56.2%). However, Android devices beat iOS devices in the percentage of total hours played (49.1% vs. 44.4%).

Ooyala’s findings paint a different picture than the one Nielsen provided this past summer. Nielsen’s report looked specifically at Huly and Netflix. Nielsen’s report claimed that very few people were watching Hulu or Netflix on mobile devices. Netflix viewing on the iPad and mobile phone devices was 3% for each group, for example.

Nielsen Says Very Few People Watching Netflix or Hulu on Mobile Devices. But, Let’s Take a Closer Look

Clearly, when we read reports about video viewing on mobile devices, we need to ask what kind of video the report is talking about.