Oops, Someone Did It Again

Looks like the recent goof-up we reported recently has forced the Senate Press Gallery to issue a “gentle reminder”

    From: [redacted]
    Date: August 8, 2006 2:19:04 PM EDT
    To: [redacted]
    Subject: Gallery Message: Video Camera Use In Capitol

    Dear Member:

    You are receiving this E-mail as you are a current member of the Periodical Correspondent’s Association registered with the Senate Periodical Press Gallery.

    Recently, some print correspondents have been asked by their publications to use video or still cameras to file multi-media stories for their web sites. This has resulted in some confusion among the Capitol Hill press corps.

    As such, please allow me to take this opportunity to remind you that the use of video and still cameras on the Senate side of the Capitol complex is restricted. If you or your publication require Capitol Hill access to record video or still images for use on the web, please contact me for instructions.