Politico, 11:06 a.m.:

    John Edwards is suspending his campaign for President, and may drop out completely, because his wife has suffered a recurrence of the cancer that sickened her in 2004, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, an Edwards friend told The Politico.

Politico, 12:34 p.m.:

    A single, confident source close to John Edwards told me this morning that Edwards was “suspending his campaign,” and I posted it to the blog at 11:06 this morning.

    My source, and I, were wrong.

Adding to the fire is Rush Limbaugh who, on his radio show today, claimed that the Politico botched two stories this week.

>UPDATE: Tips rolling in…

  • Did you catch that washingtonpost.com posted the top story, with huge-font headline “Edwards suspends White House bid” then minutes later replaced that story with “Edwards: Wife’s Cancer Is Back Democratic presidential hopeful says campaign for second White House bid will “go on strongly.” ?? Funny. The corrected text did not link to a story. It was just plain text on the homepage.

  • Candy Crowley just said Politico has “crackerjack” reporters. What does that mean? They are good? They are crap? They smoke crack? Just wondering.

  • MSNBC also had the wrong story about Edwards as the top story on its website before the announcement, for at least 30 minutes! Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Then it switched the story without even acknowledging the mistake!

  • The first tip about washingtonpost.com i think is erroneous. I saw on CNN.COM a headline saying Edwards was suspending the campaign according to The Politico and then that was taken off a few minutes later and replaced with the headline about his wife’s cancer returning.

  • Rush Limbaugh is irrelevant…now I guess VandeHarris should go on his show and hug and make up.

  • To be fair, msnbc also jumped the gun. sending out this email at 11:27: MSNBC Breaking News: Sources: Edwards to suspend presidential run due to wife’s ill-health.

    Screenshots here.