Ontario Student Bombs in ‘Pipe Bomb Hoax’ Art Project


One of our favorite stories going into this weekend has reached an expected conclusion: the student, Thorarinn Ingi Jonsson, has been formally charged for his bomb hoax slash art project at the Ontario College of Art and Design, as well as finding two of his professors been put on suspension. If you didn’t happen to come across the story, it’s here. The short and sweet of it is that this student decided his art project would be to place realistic looking pipe bombs outside the Royal Ontario Museum during an event, with notes attached saying “This Is Not a Bomb.” Unfortunately, what was clearly just an absolutely stupid idea dreamt up by a very young person with a fragile mind, is being defended by his friends, who probably told him in the first place, “Yeah, that’s an awesome idea! You should totally do that!”

Ariel Shepherd, a close friend of Mr. Jonsson’s, said that she thinks the project may have been designed to demonstrate that the world is full of symbols, and to draw attention to the meaning people place in objects.

“It wasn’t a bomb — it was a sculpture — but because of the symbolism of the world we live in, we will always see things in art,” she said.

Wow. Here’s to hoping Shepherd isn’t around when he’s pitching later ideas like “This is Not a Hijacking” and “The Crowded Theater Isn’t Really on Fire.”