Only the Most Valuable Walls Need Apply: App Tracks Banksy’s Street Art

Another week and another chance to say “You’re welcome, universe, for giving you such wonderful ideas.” Of course we’re talking about the credit we should be duly given, first for the city of Bristol deciding that it might need a registry of pieces of Banksy‘s street art, something we’d suggested might be a good idea so their residents don’t accidentally keep painting over them after one of its residents accidentally painted over one. Now that same sort of idea has come out on a larger scale with a whole iPhone app. Called Banksy Locations, the app not only offers galleries and videos of pieces by the mysterious artist, but will also “show you locations of Banksy’s famous street art and then give you directions so you can experience them for your self!” Granted, the app was announced back in early July and we didn’t write our post recommending a registry until the 15th, but we’re still just going to keep claiming everything Banksy-related as stemming from our borderline-divine, shared inspiration. Seems easier that way. Anyway, here’s the app’s promo video:

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