Only 2% Of Ad Agencies And PR Firms Use Twitter For Their Own Lead Generation

When a client speaks with an ad agency about setting up a campaign, they naturally expect that agency to know their way around Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media. And while the agency might have this know-how, new stats show that they didn’t glean it from practicing on their own brand: a paltry few agencies actually use Twitter or Facebook to advertise their own company.

Coming to us from lonelybrand and eMarketer, this survey of senior marketing executives from a variety of agencies found that only 17 percent purchased ads on social networks to help their digital lead generation efforts.

And that 17 percent isn’t sold on Twitter.

While 13 percent of respondents said they advertise on Facebook, only 2 percent could say the same about Twitter.

So although some of these agencies are no doubt working on convincing their clients that Twitter advertising is the next big thing, they’re not using it themselves.

The money spent on advertising on social networks varied significantly. 32 percent of respondents said they pay less than $1,000 per month on social media advertising, while 23 percent said they spend more than $10,000 a month.

This discrepancy in attitudes towards social media advertising shows that it’s still a new and unexplored front. If the ad agencies themselves aren’t sold on it, their clients may not be either.

However, it’s important to note that these stats relate to purchased advertising on social media. Most of the ad agencies surveyed probably use social media to market their services, but choose to do so using free methods like setting up a Facebook page and tweeting regularly. Taking the leap to actually purchase ads is a whole different ball game.