OnLive Player For Tablets Makes Appearance

OnLive is a cloud gaming service that is available for Windows PCs and Macs as well as on televisions using the OnLive MicroConsole. You can install the OnLive Viewer app on an iPad, which you can use to watch other people playing games, but you cannot actually play games . At the E3 Expo OnLive was showing a full player app running on an iPad, Motorola Xoom, and HTC Flyer.

Cloud gaming services are appealing for mobile devices because all of the storage and the computer processing for game play occurs on servers rather than on the mobile device. The key, however, is to have fast Internet connectivity so that the game playback can be at a frame rate that looks as good as when playing on a PC. If game play on a touchscreen doesn’t sound appealing, OnLive plans to release a universal wireless game controller that works with tablets. According to Engadget who got to try the controller paired with an HTC Flyer, game play was as good as on a PC.

OnLive is also incorporating Facebook integration with their service. You will be able to launch games directly from your profile page as well as post “Brag Clips,” which are video captures of gaming accomplishments, to your Facebook wall, letting your friends know when you start playing and inviting them to join in. The OnLive Player app for Android and iOS tablets is expected to be available this fall.