Online Video Still Small Potatoes?

It sure doesn’t seem like it lately, judging by the amount of news with regard to online video plays. But MediaPost reports that despite continued growth, online video ad spending will “remain in the shadows” of the $70 billion TV video ad market, with research firm eMarketer estimating that it will bring just over $500 million in revenue this year, rising to $5.8 billion by 2013.

The report said that the greatest bump for U.S. video ad spending will come from large brand marketers placing TV-like commercials—”mostly ads that run in the beginning or middle of the video, alongside professional content from large media companies.” Prerolls, essentially, which don’t work well on the mobile side due to the shorter usage window; most folks typically don’t have time to sit through a 30 second commercial. If that’s the case, advertisers will have to keep working to come up with acceptable mobile advertising—which they are.

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