Online Trust Alliance’s 2013 Honor Roll Report Names Twitter #1 In Consumer Protection

The Online Trust Alliance’s 2013 Honor Roll report, a comprehensive audit of the Internet’s most visible companies, has given Twitter the stamp of approval for voluntary best practices, consumer protection and self-regulation.

Read on to see how Twitter came out on top in the OTA audit, and other key takeaways from the report.

OTA reviewed more than 750 domains and privacy policies; 10,000+ web pages; 500+ million emails associated with companies listed on the Internet Retailer 500 and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Top 100 banks; and the top 50 social networking and U.S. federal government sites.

The result: a composite analysis of three areas – Domain, Brand & Consumer Protection; Site, Server & Infrastructure Security; and Data Protection & Privacy. Across the three buckets, more than a dozen attributes were reviewed for the 2013 report.

32% of the companies audited made the Honor Roll – and Twitter had the top overall composite score.

Craig Spiezle, president and executive director of OTA told USA Today,

“Twitter is a great example, coming out stating they will honor any browser where Do Not Track is enabled, to the adoption of Always On SSL to help prevent session snooping to the recent introduction of 2-factor authentication.”

Additional key findings of the 2013 Online Trust Honor Roll:

– Though 26% of the Internet Retailer 500 made the Honor Roll, a slight improvement over 2012, 53% are still failing to achieve passing scores, exposing users to security, privacy and social engineering threats.

– 25% of FDIC member banks made the Honor Roll. Of those that did not qualify, 71% received failing grades, largely attributed to inadequate email and domain protection or outdated privacy policies.

More details in the infographic below:

(Image via Shutterstock, infographic via Online Trust Alliance)