Do We Share Too Much On Social Media? [VIDEO INFOGRAPHIC]

Do we share too much online?

Nine in ten adults think we do, and when you look at the statistics it’s hard not to agree. Millions write status updates each and every day about their health, love life and alcohol use, and a startlingly high number of folks tweet and Facebook whenever they leave their house.

And smartphone users might be the most vulnerable of all. Almost four in five (78 percent) of ex-burglars interviewed in the UK believe that thieves use social media sites to identify targets. When you consider that 35 percent of 18-34 year-old Americans check in or tweet about their current location when they’re away from home, there’s an opportunity there that’s likely to be difficult to resist.

This video infographic courtesy of takes a closer look at whether (and why) people share too much online.

(Source: Yarrutfranken.comShare button image via Shutterstock.)