Online Retailers Still Pick Facebook Over Twitter

According to a new report that was republished on eMarketer, 86 percent of online retailers have Facebook Pages whereas only 65 percent of them have Twitter accounts. However, an additional 19 percent plan on using Twitter in the next year and an additional 10 percent plan on creating a Facebook Page in the same time period. It’s an interesting report, however this is just a sampling of online retailers, or companies who are already technically savvy.

What would be more interesting to find out is what percentage of small businesses in total, currently have Facebook Pages. While hundreds of thousands have already created Pages, there are millions of small businesses which means Facebook still has a long way to go in terms of Facebook page market saturation. While Facebook doesn’t publicly state how many pages have been created, we track over 1.7 million pages (via our Facebook page statistics area) each day and that grows daily.

In addition to issues related to businesses not understanding how to engage with fans and followers, there’s also still the whole question of ROI which looms over social media as a whole. While we know that blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter, can create significant results, the real question is how this translates into actual revenue for a business. While I have personal experience with building a business through building a social media presence, more traditional businesses find it challenging to build their presence and make money from it.

Regardless of the hurdles, it’s clear that businesses need to take advantage of these new communication channels and with over 300 million users now on Facebook, I’d expect to continue to see the adoption of Facebook pages by all types businesses.

-Online Retailer eMarketer Statistics-