Online Photo Editor FotoFlexer is not from Adobe because it’s Free

fotoflexer_logo.gifIt’s good to know that there are still other software developer who are willing to invest in coming up with an online photo editor despite knowing the fact that Adobe Photoshop online is just out there, waiting to be launched. Online photo editor, FotoFlexer which launched sometime in 2007, knew back then that they are facing tough competition. So, it continuously improved its features aside from the fact that its online photo editor is free.FotoFlexer has many photo editing tools that vary from one-click effects to image enhancements features. You can either upload photos from your hard disks or work directly with photos you’ve uploaded in Photobucket, Flickr and Picasa as well as your photos in Facebook and MySpace. What’s more, you can even edit a live image from your webcam.

You can do many enhancement applications to your photos using FotoFlexer. From the basic enhancements such as fixing red eye, automatic photo fixing, to more advanced editing features such as adding effects, decorating, beautifying, distorting and layering. What I enjoyed the most among the FotoFlexer tools is its beautify feature.

The beautify feature works best for portrait photos, you can either fix blemishes or smoothen wrinkles or even do both on a photo. The process is pretty simple and it works like the usual Photoshop tool, where you just select the brush size, move a circle icon to the part of the face which you want to clean out, click and the face of your subjects become cleaner like a baby’s face.

You can try out FotoFlexer for free and for more advanced feature, you can register for free as well.

FotoFlexer may still have some minor limitations as compared to Photoshop, but if you don’t want to spare some bucks to buy Photoshop, FotoFlexer is definitely a good alternative.