Online Petition Urges SAG to Make a Deal

SAG_logo.pngThey’ve gotten over twelve thousand signatures so far on their online petition:

To the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the Screen Actors Guild, we ask that you please reach a deal as quickly as possible. We are individuals on all sides, from actors to producers, to crew members, to the audience itself who merely want to continue to enjoy entertainment as we struggle ourselves to survive. We have no agenda, we merely want what’s best for everybody. Your actions have thus far been in concern over what’s best for you as individual unions and organizations. It’s time to consider the countless others being affected by your negligence and disregard for the last several months.

The economy is in shambles. A strike is will do nothing but hurt more than it will help. We are asking SAG to not seek a strike for the good of the industry, the audience, and the country as a whole. We are asking them not to spend the next two months seeking authorization for a strike, but rather spend the next two weeks reaching an agreement. Now is not the time to sacrifice countless jobs and force more individuals into unemployment, foreclosures, and financial destruction. In fairness, we are asking the AMPTP to offer a deal that is EQUAL to that offered to other unions, and nothing less. We are asking that SAG then take it and fight another day at another time when next your contract expires.

We are hereby asking both sides to do whatever it takes to reach a new contract and sign it by December 31, 2008. Thank you.

Sign the petition here.