Online-Only Fills In The HyperLocal Cracks, But Where Are The Jobs?

The Post reports today on the wealth of online-only publications that are jumping in to fill the holes left by the mainstream media. Not that this is anything new, but hey, it’s always good to check up on the little guys and see how they’re doing.
In Chicago, where the Sun-Times filed for bankruptcy Tuesday, there are a few online competitors that are doing fairly well. The Chitown Daily News gets 50,000 visitors a month and the Chicago section of Every Block receives over 140,000 visitors monthly; meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune, which filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy four months ago, is planning to double the size of its TribLocal staff, which currently has 18 reporters covering 41 suburbs for a web site and 10 regional print sections.
Chitown Daily News employs 4 people full-time, pays 4 freelancers, and relies on 100 unpaid contributors. The starting salary is $25,000.
Everyblock employs six people and its grant money, from the Knight Foundation, runs out in two months.
If the Tribune doubles its TribLocal coverage, that will be 36 reporters.
How many people currently work at the Chicago Tribune? How many work at the Sun-Times?
Just sayin’.