Online Daters To See Your Facebook Profile?

So you decide to take the risk and join an online dating site. You upload your photos take a profile and of course link to your Facebook profile. Well, all of those activities are typical sans the Facebook link. has announced the launch of the Little Black Book application that will enable Facebook users to find other users within Facebook. In theory there is nothing different then other dating applications on Facebook except that this one links to your profile.

Isn’t the only reason for using or any other dating site is to keep your dating separate from your general social life and avoid visibility from your friends and family? I guess there is also the component of the unique matching algorithms provided by each dating site but let’s be honest. Users of this application will “receive potential matches among Facebook users and non-Facebook users who are signed up with” Pretty much it is just an extension of

Want to meet any of the users that are on Go signup and create your own profile on their site. While not a bad marketing concept in theory, I don’t thing this will be very successful. There are already plenty of highly successful dating applications on Facebook such as the Are You Interested? application. If you plan on using the new application you will have to hold on until Thursday unfortunately (not sure why they sent out their press release two days early).