Why Online Customer Service Needs to Be Faster [Infographic]

Customer service requests on social media are up, and brands think they're doing great -- but consumers disagree.

customer service

More consumers are turning to social media for customer service because of its direct and speedy nature. The problem is that as customer service requests increase, companies have a hard time keeping up. In fact, they’re way behind, according to data from social marketing software provider Brickfish.

Eighty percent of companies believe they provide superior customer service online, but a stunning 92 percent of consumers would disagree with that statement, according to the data. And the problems will only continue to get worse, as social engagement with companies is growing nine times faster than the social platforms themselves. More customers than ever are seeking brands on social media.

As for response times, consumers expect a response a lot faster than most companies deliver one. On Facebook, 42 percent of consumers want a response within an hour, but it takes most brands an average of 15 hours to respond.

Twitter is faster, with the average response time for companies just under eight hours, but tweeters are even more demanding with 32 percent of them expecting a response in just 30 minutes.

There are great gains for companies that get it right. Seventy-one percent of consumers that receive a quick and effective response are more likely to recommend that brand. If consumers are able to contact a brand on social media, they are 50 percent more likely to make a purchase.

Of course, when responding to customers, it’s important to have a plan.