Online Ad Campaign Blasts Wisconsin Union Legislation

Progressives United, the anti-corporate lobbying organization founded by former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, is launching an online ad campaign charging Wisconsin lawmakers with being in bed with special interests.
And the group is asking for volunteers to help fund the campaign’s media budget.
“Right now, we’re launching our wave of online ads in targeted areas of Wisconsin,” reads an e-mail blast sent Wednesday (Mar. 16) by Progressives United. “And there’s still time for you to pitch in. Contribute $5 now—and help us increase our online ad buy between now and midnight so we can make an even bigger impact.”
As of Wednesday, Progressives United had begun running Wisconsin-targeted ads on the Web. The ads were produced to alert voters that six Wisconsin Republican state senators and assembly members would be attending a fundraiser at a major D.C. lobbying firm—just days after Governor Scott Walker signed a highly controversial law that limited collective bargaining by unions.
In an e-mail to its membership, Progressives United looked to tie the two together: “Last week, Wisconsin Republicans rammed through their bill stripping workers of their rights, and now this week they’re going to Washington, D.C. to collect their reward from deep-pocketed corporate lobbyists.”
Thus, the organization wants to use a targeted ad campaign to stir up the electorate—and make lobbyists and Republicans look anti-union in the process. To make its case, Progressives United extolled the efficiencies of online marketing. According to the e-mail blast, online ads “can be precisely targeted geographically,” are “more cost effective than newspaper ads, TV ads or radio ads” and “can be deployed quickly.”