California Start-Up Adds LA Times, Tribune

Last fall,—the Cupertino, California start-up headed up by former Skype exec Alex Kazim (pictured)–received $12 million in financing from Gannett Company, Inc., The New York Times Company, and The Washington Post Company. Today, it has confirmed the latest components of its centralized multi-media feed.

Subscribers to this iPad targeted app, which starts at the base monthly rate of $6.99 and can be enhanced a la carte, now get stories from the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and nearly two dozen other additional sources:

Ongo has also added photography from Getty Images to news stories that originally included a Getty Images photo… “We’re honored that many of the world’s biggest media companies are turning to Ongo as a new way to bring their valuable news and information to news enthusiasts,” said Kazim. feels a whole lot like a direct competitor to Rupert Murdoch’s vaunted The Daily, without the multi-million dollar staffer overhead. It’s also a testament to the impact of the iPad that what would once have passed as an RSS feed can now land $12 million in seed funding!

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