OneRiot Fills Trending Topics From Google Buzz Firehose

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of the Google Buzz firehose, making all Buzz public activities available as they are published with a single subscription via PubSubHubbub syndication. As a launch partner, OneRiot is one of the first companies to get access to firehose and are using it to fuel its Trending Topics Engine, realtime search results and realtime ad network.
We reported last month that OneRiot added Facebook shares and likes to the Twitter, MySpace and Digg analysis of its Trending Topics Engine. The company tells us that the addition of Google Buzz delivers a whole new set of conversations for it to process in realtime, bringing to the surface the topics – across a much wider web – that people are really engaging with right now.
OneRiot sees the integration of Google Buzz as a further enhancement of its realtime search. Its proprietary PulseRank algorithm determines the current level of social resonance around a particular web page – the higher the realtime resonance, the higher a web page will rank in OneRiot’s results. “Factors like the velocity at which a link to a web page is being shared by Buzz users will now be incorporated into our ranking algorithm,” said OneRiot’s Tobias Peggs. “This improves results not just on, but for the 120+ partners who use the OneRiot search API to deliver our realtime search results to their end users.”

The company also reported that its RiotWise ad network now serves close to one billion impressions per month across a partner ecosystem of realtime web applications, realtime search engines and social discovery sites. Delivering both search-based and trend-based ads, the RiotWise platform is designed to help advertisers reach users on the realtime web with content that is “relevant for right now.”