OneDay Releases Video Storytelling App on iOS

oneday 650

Dallas-based OneDay has released its video creation and storytelling app on iOS devices, which aims to help parents record their kids’ stories, “one day at a time.” The app presents kids and parents with fun questions, and asks the user (child or otherwise) to answer those questions on video. Once the questions are complete, the app stitches content into a finished video, complete with music.

When starting OneDay, users choose a theme for the overall video or “story.” These themes range from “When You Grow Up” and “Your Favorite Things” to “Vacation Memories” and topics about specific members of the family, like a grandmother.

The app supports the use of both the front and back cameras on iOS devices, so users can record themselves or another person. Users record their answer for the first question, and can tap an “add moment” button to answer another question inside another video clip. These additional questions fit the same theme, and therefore fit with the overall film.

For example, in the “When You Grow Up” category, users begin with a video on what they want to be when they grow up. Other questions deal with what the world will be like “when you grow up,” what kind of person you’ll marry “when you grow up,” and so on.

When the video project has one or more moments, users can create the final video, which presents each question on a video still before playing its matching video clip. These clips are played alongside an instrumental soundtrack, and come with necessary transitions for a polished look. Videos can be shared to the user’s camera roll, or pushed out to email, Facebook or Twitter.

“Our goal with this product is to create an effortless way for people to capture their stories in a convenient, high-quality manner,” says OneDay chief marketing officer, Clint Lee. “This app allows everyday people the ability to create movies from scratch in minutes directly from their iOS device.”

OneDay is available on iOS, and is for free for a limited time.